How It Works

Online Funeral Presence is a video sharing app that allows you to assign a person at a funeral to use their device and live stream a funeral to guests that are absent.


For more information contact us at 703-915-3584 or send an email to:



1.         Host creates an account.  


2.         Host calls or emails Online Funeral Presence to setup a meeting with our virtual event staff known as a Virtual Event Manager (VEM). During the meeting, the Host provides VEM with guests’ contact information and discusses any questions or concerns with event or Online Funeral Presence system.


3.         VEM contacts guests to alert them to incoming emails about the upcoming event.


4.         Host or VEM sets up event and Online Funeral Presence system emails notifications to all guests.


5.         VEM provides Host, videographer(s) and guests with advice, trouble shooting and technical support.

            *          VEM provides Host with periodic guest’s registration status.


            *          VEM contacts guests to review their comfortability with using the Online Funeral Presence system. VEM helps guests with registration and viewing the event ensuring 100% of your online guests can view your event.


            *          VEM sets up 2 to 3 phone/video conferences with Host and videographer(s) to review Coinbuk event setup and run test events.


            *          VEM is available for support the day of event.



6.         Online Funeral Presence system emails thank you notifications to guests after the event.